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Events South Australia is the events arm of the South Australian Tourism Commission. Its charter is to promote South Australia as a tourism destination and attract visitors to the state through securing, managing, developing and supporting leisure events and festivals and providing leadership to the events and festivals industry.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the funding opportunities Events South Australia has available as outlined below, and follow the subsequent steps to apply.

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Major Events Bidding Fund

  • The Major Events Bidding Fund allows Events South Australia to strategically attract events which boost and balance the existing calendar in a very competitive marketplace.
  • These events bring thousands of visitors to the state and reinforce its reputation for hosting world-class events and festivals.
  • This fund is suitable for new or one-off events with a unique proposition for Adelaide or South Australia.
  • Major events are events that generate significant benefits for South Australia and align with wider government and tourism strategic plans. Events of this scale are typically world-class, with visitation from international and/or national audiences. They provide a strong media profile for the state, often including national and international broadcast. It is likely for events of this calibre to present a sustainable legacy through offering additional opportunities to leverage the existing event or to host additional major events. Examples include the 2016 Hancock Prospecting Australian Championships (Olympic swimming trials) and the 2015 Liverpool FC Tour at Adelaide Oval.
  • Read more about Major event sponsorship through the sponsorship guideline document.

Live Music Events Fund

  • Live music is part of South Australia’s identity: a creative, thriving sector that makes an important contribution to our economy. The State Government’s new Live Music Events Fund was created to support live music events and festivals with the potential to grow into major tourist attractions. Events South Australia – in partnership with Arts South Australia through the Music Development Office – is administering the fund.
  • More information can be found here.

Regional Events and Festivals Program

  • Event South Australia’s Regional Events and Festivals Program provides financial support towards marketing and PR for events which promote South Australia and its regions as tourism destinations.
  • Regional events are significant to their location and its community, provide good economic returns and are able to boost the profile of the region. These events attract interstate and/or intrastate visitors, must generate local media and have the ability to receive state and national media coverage. Examples include the Winter Reds Festival, South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival and the Handpicked Festival.
  • The 2020/21 program opens in January 2020 and will support events held after 1 September 2020.
  • Those wishing to apply for funding in 2020/21 are encouraged to review the Regional Events & Festivals Program funding guidelines before submitting an application.

Community Events Development Fund

  • This fund supports new, smaller or community-based events to increase their tourism relevance, or undertake a specific project that will help them achieve this.
  • Events may apply for $5,000 p.a. to attract new audiences and support the event’s development in a way that promotes South Australia and its regions as tourism destinations.
  • Community events are primarily driven and sustained by the respective local community, providing positive social outcomes, but may not deliver large economic benefit to the region. Examples include Seafood on Spencer and Rodeo by the Sea. These events may have the potential to grow into regional events.
  • The 2020/21 program will open in January 2020 and will support events held after 1 September 2020.
  • Those wishing to apply for funding in 2020/21 are encouraged to review the Community Events Development funding guidelines before submitting an application.

Who is ineligible?

  • Trade and industry events;
  • New Year’s celebrations, Christmas pageants;
  • Tours, open gardens, markets, open days;
  • Concerts, performances, fireworks displays;
  • Club rallies or reunions;
  • Charity, fundraising activities;

Rotational events will be considered on a case-by-case basis, however will require a unique proposition for the state or region in question.

Should your event be ineligible for Events South Australia funding, you may like to consider approaching the following organisations to discuss the opportunities available to you:

For more information about Events South Australia, visit the South Australian Tourism Commission’s website at tourism.sa.com

If you would like to contact us directly please email esa@sa.gov.au